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Hot dip galvanizing, protection over time

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Hot dip galvanizing is a modern and technically advanced process that protects steel and iron from rust.

A high-quality coating exploits the well-known properties of zinc to protect structures against corrosion. The treatment is linked to the surface of the steel, it covers the entire surface, both internally and externally.

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The dimensions of the galvanizing tank

All mild steels, some low alloy steels and cast steels can be galvanized in our hot dip galvanizing tank.

It is also possible to galvanize a large variety of structures of different shapes, sizes and weights (length 12.80 m, width 1.50 m, depth 3.00 m)

The galvanizing process inside the Cappello Group SpA factories is obtained using top quality zinc (99.995% zn) without second casting alloys.

Quality and environmental protection

The plant has a production capacity of over 50,000 tons / year.

The technical characteristics of the plants, entirely refurbished in 2021 using the most innovative technological solutions, ensure the high quality standard necessary to comply with the reference regulations, in full respect of the environment and operators, pursuing a philosophy rooted in the industries of the Hat group.

Download here the hot dip galvanizing manual of Cappello Group SpA

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