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Eklip: technology for aluminum frames

Eklip HR.png

Eklip systems are the result of the Hat Group's desire to respond to the construction needs of window manufacturers and to the requests of customers who are increasingly aware of the importance of installing a high-performance window, from a performance point of view, and from an aesthetic point of view.

Eklip collections are designed and produced within the company's factories.

The products are presented on the market with three extremely competitive aspects: Design, high thermal performance, made in Italy technology.


For decades, the aluminum and accessories marketing sector represented the Company's core business. A know-how shaped in the entrepreneurial vision of the management, which has produced investments aimed at modernization.

Why Eklip

The new revolutionary system for the construction of aluminum windows with thermal break signed by Cappello Group spa
A perfect balance between aesthetics and high performance. Eklip is ideal for the production of fixtures capable of protecting your environments even in extreme climatic conditions.

Why Cappello Group

We know the aluminum market well, which is why we know that the first and most important of the services to be provided to our customers is represented by consultancy.

Our sales network is organized to provide constant support. Technical advice, competence and problem solving are contributions that we believe are crucial for establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

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