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Project details: colors and finishes


In the painting factories we treat the surface finish of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The entire process guarantees the quality of the work thanks to specific departments, equipped with state-of-the-art systems for the realization of the various types of industrial paints with thermosetting polyester powders and by sublimation.

qualicoat qualideco_edited.png


Thermosetting powder coating

We are able to supply colors based on RAL codes and specific chromatic colors with the possibility of customizing tones and shades.

Wood Decor

The warmth of wood, the reliability of aluminum.
A combination that guarantees unlimited duration to your fixtures with an unmatched "wood effect" finish.
Decor Legno is the result of a constantly evolving sublimation technique, the result of the continuous research of the Cappello Group laboratories with the aim of satisfying the needs of designers and customers looking for exclusive products.

Infinite shades

In addition to the Cappello Group exclusive finishing collections, we can make any color on request.

Download our color chart.

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