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Green technology
made in Italy

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The constant investments aimed at development and a strong green vocation of the management have led the Cappello Group on the path of renewable photovoltaic energy.

For over 10 years our green area has been working in synergy with the Cappello Energy company, which designs and installs photovoltaic systems.


Micron photovoltaic panels

Micron is the result of a policy for solar engineering of excellence brought about by high technical skills, capable of combining the power of the sun with an entirely Italian technology.

Today the Micron brand is among the major producers of national photovoltaic panels thanks to an exclusive production that aims to promote the Italian photovoltaic industry as a source of sustainable and ecological technology.

Coversun photovoltaic integration.

The Coversun line of systems for the architectural integration of photovoltaic modules represents a concentration of functionality and design.

Innovative solutions aimed at integrating modules in civil and industrial buildings deriving from the need to make buildings efficient from an energy point of view, consequently reducing polluting emissions

Ubilux Around light

Our idea of green lighting is based on the culture of sustainability. Ubilux offers solutions that can be integrated into any environmental context, becoming, in fact, the ideal partner for private companies and public bodies.
We support the environment without compromising the needs of our time and future generations.

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