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Governance System

Model 231

CAPPELLO GROUP SPA is an industrial operator active in the production of thermal break aluminum profile systems for doors and windows and accessories, surface treatments of metals, such as hot galvanizing of metal carpentry in general and thermosetting industrial electrostatic powder coatings, on aluminum profiles aluminum and metal carpentry, shot blasting and sandblasting of metal products, production of photovoltaic modules, production of respiratory masks for medical use, production and sale of street lighting poles.

CAPPELLO GROUP SPA believes that the adoption of the Organizational Model, together with the Code of Ethics, constitutes, beyond the legal requirements, a valid tool for raising awareness among all employees and collaborators and all other stakeholders (Public Administrations, Customers, Suppliers, Third Parties in general, etc.) so that, in carrying out their activities, they behave correctly and transparently in line with the Ethical-Social values which inspire CAPPELLO GROUP S.P.A.  in the pursuit of its corporate purpose, and in any case such as to prevent the risk of committing the crimes envisaged by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments.
From this approach it follows that the adoption and effective implementation of the model have the objective of improving the "governance" of the Company, limiting the risk of crimes being committed and of establishing valid elements on the basis of which the company can be considered not responsible .


Violation reporting system

Through the Whistleblowing Portal, anyone can send, with the maximum guarantee of confidentiality, reports of an offense or irregularity in company activities, acts or facts that may constitute a violation of the internal and external rules that govern the Group's activity Cappello, the principles and rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics.

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