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Terms and conditions

Data of the owner of the website

Cappello Group SpA industrial zone IV phase, viale 3, n. 5. 97100 Ragusa (RG)
T. +39 0932 660211 F. +39 0932 660222


Cappello Group SpA (hereinafter: “Cappello Group”) owns the site, which it updates and manages directly.
The site aims to disseminate information, activities and updates on projects, products, initiatives and actions planned and conducted by Cappello Group and falling within its institutional purposes. It aims to disseminate our product information material, techniques and characteristics in general pi ù the news involving directly or indirectly Hat Group and its brands.

The documentation, patents, images, characters, artistic work, graphics and other contents of the site are the property of Cappello Group or the exclusive right of use by the same.
The material contained in the site is protected by copyright.

By material we mean any descriptive document, photographic or video image, logos, fonts, background colors of the materials themselves.

The use of the site can be informative and / or commercial on a personal and / or corporate basis, according to the cases specifically provided for. In this regard, it should be noted that in case of use of parts of the material contained in the site, a request must be made to the address indicating the purposes of use, the period of use, the tool with which the material would be disseminated. (whether via the web, or through printed material, whether they are advertising material and / or editorial publications). The use must always and exclusively be considered linked to a specific initiative and only for the corresponding period.

The authorization is not granted for purely commercial purposes, unless expressly stated by Cappello Group. It does not grant any exclusive right or allow the appropriation of the materials. In any case, the third party to whom the authorization is granted will not be able to grant the use of the same to third parties.

If the use occurs in a way that does not comply with the authorization issued by Cappello Group, the early termination of the same and the request for compensation for damages, both financial and image, will be made. Any civil, criminal and tax liability for use is the sole responsibility of the third party, who releases Cappello Group from any liability. Unauthorized reproduction of our materials is subject to legal action by Cappello Group, which constantly monitors the web and other forms of potential dissemination to control any unauthorized use of its property.

In the reproduction, confusion and / or association with other brands, names, signs, IP addresses, companies, organizations that may be harmful, or in any case misleading, defamatory, non-observant of the law, slanderous, incompatible or contrary to decorum and propriety must always be avoided. image of Cappello Group.

It is therefore forbidden to copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, publish, or distribute to third parties the content or trademarks of the site for commercial purposes (except in cases of partnerships regularly agreed and contractually regulated) or for purposes that may prejudice the image of Cappello Group SpA

The user, for purely professional or personal purposes and never of a commercial nature, has the right to download texts or other contents of the site and to disseminate them via web or print, provided that in doing so the source of the same is explicitly and clearly indicated. .

Banners, logos, manuals and certifications placed in the predefined "download" sections on the site may also be downloaded for personal or professional purposes and never of a commercial nature, unless expressly stated by Cappello Group SpA, except where is a different indication clearly expressed in correspondence with the content in question.

In particular, the unauthorized reproduction of the institutional banners / logos of Cappello Group and of the products related to it on websites and printed material is subject to legal action by Cappello Group SpA
The site may occasionally offer access links to sites of other entities, organizations or companies: Cappello Group cannot be held responsible for their availability, their content, the products and services offered, nor for any damage or loss. occurred as a result of their use. Moreover, it is not responsible for the methods and purposes of the collection and processing of personal data by such third parties.

Cappello Group undertakes to keep the provision of the service constantly functioning, but cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss of data, information, or other damages due to delay, inaccuracy or failure to find information, restrictions or loss of access, difficulties o problems of any kind, errors, unauthorized use when accessing the site and its services or other forms of interaction in the service. Cappello Group does not guarantee and is not responsible that: (a) the services provided through the site satisfy the specific requests and needs of the user; (b) the services provided through the site are carried out without interruptions, which are timely, safe and error-free; (c) the information and results obtained from the use of the services are always accurate and reliable; (d) any defect in the site's service management software can be eliminated.

Finally, since the acquisition by the user of any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the site, where permitted, will be carried out at the user's choice and risk, any liability for any damage to computer systems or losses of data resulting from the unloading of materials falls on the user and cannot be attributed to Cappello Group.

Cappello Group declines all responsibility for any damage deriving from inaccessibility to the site services or from any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deletion of contents, problems connected to the network, providers or telephone connections and / or telematics, to unauthorized access, to alteration of data, to the failure and / or faulty functioning of the user's electronic equipment.

The user acknowledges that Cappello Group cannot be held responsible for untrue information sent directly by the user (example: correctness of the e-mail address or telephone numbers or postal addresses or other personal and non-personal information), so as well as information concerning him and which has been provided by a third party, even fraudulently.

The user is responsible for the conservation and secrecy of personal data that may have been released during the use of the services made available by the site. The user undertakes to promptly notify Cappello Group, at the e-mail address, of any unauthorized use of their personal data or any other breach of security of which they become aware. The site can also make available to the user access to groups created on social networks by Cappello Group. For this purpose, it is specified that users acknowledge their sole responsibility for the content sent and for the conduct undertaken in such contexts, exempting and keeping Cappello Group harmless from any liability and any prejudicial effect connected to actions, including legal ones, promoted by anyone. , to requests for reimbursement of all expenses and to requests for compensation for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of sending the contents.

The user undertakes to strictly adhere to the following rules of conduct:
· Not to make communications that cause damage or disturbance to the network or to third parties or that violate the laws and regulations in force;

Not to upload material or communications with potentially offensive contents or that cause harm to the harmonic development of the minor's personality, to respect the principles that regulate public order and social security, avoiding the dissemination of messages, images or other material that may instigate the commission of crimes, the use of violence or violent acts, any form of participation or collaboration in illegal activities;

Not to disseminate anything harmful to dignity, human dignity, or that has pornographic content or contrary to morality or that favors prostitution or child pornography do not put on the network material that is prejudicial to the harmonic, psycho-relational and physical development of minors o that incites abuse and / or crimes against minors do not post material on the network in violation of the law on copyright, or other property rights

intellectual or industrial;
in particular pirated software, music files, images, videos, texts protected by copyright do not use disrespectful language, much less foul terms and avoid flame (do not insult) do not enter pornographic and sexual material and in any case of an obscene nature do not enter offensive or defamatory material towards anyone, including expressions of fanaticism, racism, hatred, disrespect or threat;
· Not to send material that contains own or third party judicial data;
· Not to enter material that promotes or provides information that instructs on illegal activities or that are in any case related to them in any way or that may cause prejudice to third parties do not upload software, information or other material containing viruses or harmful components;
· Not to enter material containing initiatives related to gambling, competitions, games that require participation for consideration;
· Not to send material not suitable for children under 18 (eighteen) years of age;
Do not enter material containing advertising or sponsorships, even for a fee, do not insert material or activities that, in general, violate or induce to violate any provision of law or regulation aimed at protecting even private individuals or a provision legitimately issued by the Public Authority;
· Do not enter material that portrays minors without the express authorization of the parent / s exercising parental authority over the minor (s);
· Not to insert material that portrays third parties who have not given their consent to the online publication of their images;
· Not to insert material that contains data concerning the health, political or religious opinions, racial origins or sexual habits of third parties;
If the user sends his own material to the site, by accepting these conditions of use, he declares and guarantees that he has legitimately acquired the contents and, by sending them, he expressly authorizes the online publication, assuming all responsibility for they and indemnifying and keeping Cappello Group harmless from any grievance made by any third party regarding the aforementioned contents and related use.
If the user enters the social network groups created by Cappello Group, he must bear in mind that social networks are online social network services aimed at communities of subjects who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and the activities of others. These are services that, for the most part, are managed through the Web and offer different ways of interacting between users. If you intend to participate, please adhere to the following guidelines:
· When you enter your personal data, you lose control of it. The data can be recorded by all the contacts and members of the groups to which one has joined, reprocessed, disseminated, even after many years.

Sometimes, by accepting to enter a social network, the company that manages the service is granted the license to use the material posted online (photos, chats, writings, thoughts) without time limits.
· Most social networking sites are based abroad, and so are their servers. In the event of a legal dispute or problems arising from violation of privacy, it is not always protected by Italian and European laws.

· If you decide to leave a social network site, you are often only allowed to "deactivate" the profile, not to "delete" it. The data, the materials that have been entered online could still be stored in the servers, in the computer archives of the company offering the service. Read carefully what the conditions of use and the privacy guarantees offered in the contract that you accept upon registration provide.

· It is necessary to reflect before entering your data online if you do not want them to be disseminated or to be used to your detriment. It is good to report any violations to the Guarantor so that it can intervene to protect the user. · When posting photos of third parties or "tagging" them, first ask yourself if you are violating the privacy of others. If in doubt, first ask for the consent of the third party.

· Beware of fake profiles. You just need a photo, name and some information about a person's life to get hold of his identity online.
· Attention to information made available online. The date and place of birth are sufficient to obtain the tax code. Other information could help you to trace your bank or postal account or your username and password.

· Use log-in and password other than the credentials set for access to the dropmask e-commerce area or other sites, to manage e-mail, home banking operations and the like. Change your password often.

It should be noted that it is a precise commitment of Cappello Group to monitor the correct use of the interactive services made available to the user in order to avoid illegal content being placed on the network: it therefore reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to the occurrence of incorrect actions or suspects, the right to delete the contents entered or modify them after their entry by the user and also to inhibit access to users at any time and for any legitimate reason, without notice, as well as to inform, where appropriate, the Competent Authorities when verifying the illegality of the contents

sent or the illegality of user behavior.
In no case Cappello Group can be held responsible for inappropriate, offensive or indecent content and for errors or omissions, transmitted or made available through its website. As mentioned, Cappello Group will not be able to previously examine the content sent but will have the right to block or remove any type of content, at its own discretion.
The user agrees to assume all risks inherent in the use of any type of content.
The user allows Cappello Group to collect and store the personal data released using the services available on the site, and to communicate them: (a) for the purposes of justice; (b) to defend against actions by third parties; (c) for the protection of their own rights and safety, of users and of the general public. Any violation, even if only alleged, of these conditions of use, or the violation, even if only alleged, of the rights of third parties and / or of the legal regulations in force in our system will result in the suspension or interruption of services and, where necessary or appropriate, the reporting to the Competent Authorities.
In particular, Cappello Group will inform the Competent Authorities if behaviors that could be configured as a crime are found. Cappello Group reserves, at its discretion, the right to:
Modify these conditions of use: users will be notified with an announcement published on this site. The use of the services after the entry into force of these changes implies the complete acceptance of the same changes. The user can check the current text of the conditions of use at any time by accessing the link "terms of use of the site";
· Check and delete the material sent to the site;
Interrupt the availability of the site at any time and without notice.
By accessing this site, the user and Cappello Group agree that the laws and regulations of the Italian State will apply to all matters relating to the use of the website.
The user and Cappello Group also agree to submit themselves exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Court of Ragusa for the above matters.
By accessing this site and using the tools made available there, the user implicitly accepts the terms and conditions set out here.

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